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A physician consultant in a legal matter may review records that exceed simply medical records, though medical records are usual.

Following are records that may be useful for a medical expert witness to review including depositions, law enforcement reports, and bodycam footage, and collateral information such as photographs and bystander videos.

Medical Records

  • Emergency Room
  • Medevac reports
  • Hospital inpatient and outpatient visits
  • Operative notes including orthopedic surgery
  • Post-operative visits
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy notes
  • Nursing notes including RN and Nurse Practitioners
  • Medication and Pharmacy records
  • Wound care notes
  • Imaging including MRI, X-Ray, CTScan, Ultrasound

Legal Records

Law Enforcement

  • Police or Highway Patrol/Law enforcement Accident reports
  • Bodycam footage, if available and relevant to the medicolegal consultant


  • Insurance claim documents
  • Insurance accident reports
  • Damage documentation to insurer

Pleadings, Depositions, Discovery

Depositions, if relevant, including but not limited to

  • Medical providers, physician, and  non-physician specialists
  • Rehabilitation professionals, including Physical Therapists
  • Pleadings including Affidavit or Certificate of Merit, the Complaint and response, stipulated facts and material.
  • Documents produced during discovery

Video Recordings and Photographic Documents

  • Photographs, including but not limited to those taken at the scene or of injuries at a later date.
  • Video including bystander or plaintiff records,
  • Bodycam footage from Law Enforcement, if available
  • Subrosa video footage